Interesting History Of Easter, Its Traditions & Symbols (Eggs, Bunny)

This April millions of people around the world will gather their children and paint eggs eat chocolate rabbits hunt for them as part of their Christian Easter Sunday tradition Although these traditions have nothing to do with the crucifixion death or resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that Happy Easter 2024 will be the best celebration in the world but still, facts are facts.


History Of Easter

A pattern and evidence say evidence suggest that the majority of the traditions stem from this individual and very powerful ruler from Babylon named Semiramis. So the first question we need to ask is who has Semiramis and why was she so important. She was most well known for giving birth to the wicked ruler Nimrod Nimrod who was known for creating the first global government and uniting all nations.


History Of Easter

He becomes a very important figure in this story because of much symbolism being geared around his name. He was also considered the founder of the craft of Freemasonry based on Albert Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry. Nimrod was the first King to wear a crown to represent the Sun because the King illuminates those around him. People still remember the symbolism of how he received this crown as a symbol of the Sun. He incestuously married his mother ‘Semiramis’ and received what they called the all-seeing eye or the eye on the back of your dollar bill.

Since the Babylonian Empire spread across the world ‘Semiramis’ went by many names throughout history. Some of these names include Isis from Egypt, Hertha from Germany, Devaki from India, Sibel from Asia, fortunate from Rome, Shing mu from China, Columbia, Venus, Minerva, Frigga, and Easie just a few of these names. Semiramis went by many names but one of them was Columbia as the District of Columbia the capital of the United States and the military documents say that the Statue of Liberty represents Semiramis.

Easter Egg & Rabit:-

In Biblical terms, she’s known as the Whore of Babylon. The most prominent symbols of our spring and Easter are the rabbit and the egg. As per some belief, after Semiramis died she ascended into heaven and was returned to earth inside of a large egg that fell into the Euphrates River the egg was pushed ashore by a dove and she emerged from the egg as a star day or Ishtar or Easter in English.

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She’s also known as the moon goddess as in the lady on the moon. To show her gratitude to the Dove, Goddess Semiramis turned it into an egg-laying rabbit which is a sign of fertility. Another sign of fertility from Babylonia is the obelisk represents the phallus of Osiris or of that Nimrod. It was said that when Nimrod died his body was ripped into 14 parts but his phallus was delivered to some Aramis who reanimated the phallus and brought forth an immaculate conception of Tammuz. Nimrod was reborn and she commanded that the people worship the Sun in the memory of the mighty ruler hence this is the origin of Sunday the day we worship the Sun or the Son of God.

There are similarities between this story and that of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. The truth is that this time of year is not when Jesus Christ died at all what we are truly celebrating is the spring equinox of the oldest Sun worshipers when the Sun once again rose from the depths of winter. When the goddess Ishtar fertilized by the reign of the march began to bring forth the fruit of spring and harvest. The Sun would eventually die and bring winter once again upon the world. Even in May the phallic symbol or the obelisk or the remainder of the reproductive male organ is used when young girls dance around the Maypole.

People’s Believe About Easter:-

Some people believe that the truth is none of these rituals has anything to do with Christianity or the Church. So the question to be asked is how did this happen? In the early days of Christianity Rome found itself threatened by this new religion and did not want to give up the pagan gods and rights. Constantine figured out a way to combine the two to preserve the Roman Empire bring the Christians under the authority of the Emperor and make everyone happy.

Symbolism in this aspect goes far far back this is also why Christians go to church on Sunday instead of on the Sabbath on Saturday as well as why the church allows idols in symbols within the confines of their places of worship. Constantine was, in fact, a Sun worshipper and was able to combine the two religions and develop some form of perversion of the Christian religion disguised as the Son of God ‘SUN’ instead of the Son of God ‘SON’.

It ties into the zodiac signs in the path the Sun travels through them. It is said that God’s Sun started his ministry at 30 and died at 33 as in Jesus Christ. it is also said that the Sun in the sky travels through each zodiac sign at the 30th-degree Lindex that is at the 33rd degree this is also why no Freemason is allowed to rise higher than the 33rd-degree because no one could rise higher than God’s Sun.

The Sun will rise through the zodiac sign and at some point, Scorpio will kiss the Sun, and the Sun will be betrayed and hang on the cross for three days dying, and then move and bring forth the life of spring. when a man is stung by a scorpion it is said that it puffs up like a giant pair of lips or it is also known as the kiss of death. As per the story, “Judas paid or was paid thirty silver pieces or thirty silver moons and betrayed Jesus for the Son of God.

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